Improving Your Dinking Game

We know how important Pickleball is to you, so we’re going to show you how to perfect one of the best tactics the game offers.

A dink is a short drop shot that starts from the non-volley line on your and drops into the non-volley line on your opponent’s side.

This is all part of the soft game side of Pickleball, and if you master this part of the game, you will have gained an incredibly useful skill.

We’re going to look at why the dink is so important, how you can do it and how it will improve your game.

Why Should You Use the Dink?

When you start playing Pickleball, they teach you to hit the ball hard and fast. There is nothing wrong with that, it just means that you tend to continue to do that as you get better.

By learning how to dink, you will be learning patience and control.

When you dink, you control the ball, and when done right, you can gain the advantage over your opponent.

When faced with an opponent who tends to hit the ball hard, the dink can neutralize him/her.

It forces them to come close to the kitchen, and return the ball with a sort serve.

If they try and hit the ball hard from that low position, it will probably fly into the net or if it clears the net, it will go out of bounds.

A word of caution: you need patience to pull this off. If you start to get impatient, then your opponent can use that against you and to their advantage.

You will need to dink for a few times before you can set your opponent up.

One of you will get impatient, hit a high ball which the other player can return, or smash it into the net or out of bounds. Don’t let it be you.

How to Dink:

how to dinkYou need to be sure to bend at the knees, since this will allow you to position the front edge of your paddle toward the net at a 45-degree angle.

You want to lightly hit the ball with the center of your paddle while keeping your wrist stiff.

The swing should come from your shoulder, and you should be careful to control your swing.

If you hit it up too high, then you opponent can smash it back at you.

And whatever you do, don’t take your eye off that ball.

Now that you’ve successfully managed to dink, your job is not done.

You want to be ready for whatever your opponent is going to do. So, be sure to bring your paddle back up to the ready position.


Don’t just rely on hard, fast shots since this will negatively impact your game when faced with an opponent who has managed to master the soft game.

Once you are aware of the soft game, you can add more control to your shots, which is true power. If you need to pick the right paddle click here.

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