Pickleball Knoxville – Courts

If you’re in and around Knoxville and want to find a place to play pickleball then check out – Place to play pickleball.

For more information about the Knoxville Pickleball League and the Tennessee Valley League, call 865-215-1706.

To become a member, please call Ymca at 865-690-9622 for more information about the Tennessee Valley League and the Knoxville Pickleball League.

Chester County offers residents and visitors many amenities in the form of parks, leisure facilities and recreation centers. The district’s 18,000-plus residents live, work and play in more than 1,500 public and private schools, as well as in a variety of community organizations and businesses.

In 2014, the citizens of Sumner County elected Oliver III for an eight-year term. DJ was introduced to pickleball by his father, DJ Oliver Jr., during his childhood in Washington State, where he was born in 1965.

Since his youth, he has been an avid participant in local, regional, and national pickleball tournaments in his home state of Washington. In addition to participating in numerous local and regional tournaments, DJ has also been a 4 / 5 tournament player at the US Open and World Championships as well as a member of the US national team.


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