Where Can I Play Pickleball? Find A Pickleball Court Near Me

Welcome to the game of Pickleball!

Please, pull up a chair and get comfortable, you’re in for a world full of surprises.

You’re here because you’re new, you want to play competitively, or you’re new to an area and are wondering where you can get your Pickleball fix.gamma  323 412

It doesn’t matter. Just know that you’re welcome and are about to get some answers.

We’re going to show you where you can play Pickleball, how to set up a game without equipment, how you can expand your Pickleball contacts and how you can both sign up and get ready for the next tournament.

How to Find a Pickleball Court Near You:gamma


You may or may not know this, but if you want any information about Pickleball, you need to go to the USAPA.

They set the regulations, set up the tournaments and are basically a big help for any Pickleball players.

If you want to know where you can play Pickleball (competitively or casually) all you have to do is click the button below.


If you’re outside of USA and want to find a place to play near your city check out the directories below,

Canada:  There is a huge population that follows and loves pickleball. It’s organized by Pickleball Canada, click here to find a game near you!

UK: Here are some of the locations in UK.

Since Pickleball is a budding game, there are quite a few other countries that are starting to embrace it.

USAPA has put together a wonderful list of places/people you can contact to setup a game in your country!

How to Set Up a Pickleball Game Near You :

One of the most appealing aspects of pickleball is the fact that it introduces you to such a large and amazing community.

But did you know that you can do your part to enlarge the Pickleball community in your area?

I’m not joking! all you have to do is find a friend or two to start out with.

You guys should start out on the local Tennis courts, don’t let that hold you back. Set up your own temporary pickleball court, it really is very easy. If you want more details on how to set up a temporary pickleball court.

Next, you have to connect with people who are also interested in it.

Pickleball Ambassadors:gamma

If you cant find players to start your own game then you can contact one of the pickleball ambassadors from the link below. The directory will help you get in contact with pickleball ambassadors in your city or close to it, they can help you out with setting up a game or point you to social club/game.

You can find a list of these ambassadors here


Join Facebook groups:

There are players asking for advice or looking for partners for a pick up game.

Talk to people and find out if they’d be interested.

Then get all these like-minded individuals together on email or any other form of social media and tell them to invite their friends.

Meetup groups:

There are plenty of meetup groups that are hosted by local pickleball groups and they are always welcoming to new comers or advanced players.

Once you have a proper group, you guys can start friendly games, sign up for tournaments together.

For beginners, we would recommend a pickleball set to start off with and once you’ve gained more experience switch over to proper pickleball paddles ,pickleball net and pickleball balls

Who knows? You might be sitting on a hotbed of Pickleball activity, and all you have to do is start it. How do you think Pickleball started in the first place?


How to Sign Up for and Get Ready for a Tournament:

USA Pickleball AssociationYou’re ready, you have been practicing for ages. Your skill has improved.

Now, you want to start playing competitively and win yourself some gold. How do you do that? Well, remember what I said about the USAPA?

They’ve got you covered.

Click here to sign up for your very first tournament. We hope to see you there, on the champion’s podium.


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