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Portable Pickleball Net Quick Review

People often underestimate just how addictive Pickleball is. In their minds, they figure that it is the same as any other racket sport.

Until they start playing. Then suddenly the Pickleball bug has bitten them and they can’t stop.

But that enthusiasm can quickly turn into disappointment when you aren’t able to play as much as you want to.

You may travel a lot, or you don’t have courts near your home. Or you don’t have a court at home, which means that you can’t spend as much time playing as you want or need.

Thankfully, there is a solution. You need a portable net. That way, you can play at home, on holiday or wherever else you want to.

You will notice an increase in your skill and passion, the more you play, the more you want to play. Let’s look at everything you’ll need in a portable pickleball net.

Why Do You Need a Portable Pickleball Net? equipment first played

There are a lot of benefits to having your very own net at home, but we’re just going to name a few.

1. It doesn’t take up much space

To become better at any endeavor in life, you need to practice. Practice makes perfect. But with Pickleball, to practice you need a net.

Chances are that your local sports club doesn’t have a Pickleball court yet, and if it does, it can be a pain to have to drive there all the time.

But if you buy a portable pickleball net, you can set it up in your backyard for your practice session, and take it down when you’re done.

You can then tuck it into a corner until you need it again.If you need a quick 10 step guide to setup and temporary pickleball court click here.

2. Your skills will improve equipment

As mentioned above, practice will greatly improve your skills. You will go from beginner to master much more quickly if you can fit practice into your own schedule.

Along with these newly acquired skills, your confidence will be boosted. You will be able to play in tournaments and competitions in no time at all!

3.You’ll get fit

We’re all guilty of not getting as much exercise as we should. But we all live such busy lives. It can be hard to set aside the time to go for a jog or to the gym when you have so many responsibilities.

But when you have a net, you’re going to get double the value out of it. You will get in a workout while you practice your technique.

4. It’s great for bonding with your family

Pickleball started out as and still is a family sport. That is why we recommend that you get your family and friends involved. It will be a fun social experience, and you’ll get your loved ones hooked as well.

Before you know it, you’ll have an abundance of partners and you’ll get much closer to them too.

5. You can take the portable new on holiday

Holidays are great, but unless you’re some millionaire spending thousands at a resort, your kids are going to get bored.

So, unpack the net, and play with them. Or let them play. It doesn’t matter, because you can get a lot of entertainment from one net, a few paddles and a ball. We would also recommend getting a pickleball set  for the family.

How to Choose a Portable Pickleball Net:

Have we sold you on the idea of a portable net? Great! But now you need to know what to look out for before you spend your hard-earned cash.


If you intend to assemble and disassemble your net regularly, you need to think about the portability. Is it easy to set up and take down?

Some portable nets can be set up and taken down much more easily than others. But this aspect also means that it might break a little more easily than other nets.

While some nets are built to be a bit sturdier, they can be a pain to set up and take down.

This part will be up to you and you can let your personal preference decide.


If you think that all portable pickleball nets are the same, you are sadly mistaken. Some are made from aluminum, or plastic, or steel.

Some of them are bare metal while others are powder coated.

Obviously, the price you’re willing to pay will also factor in which type of pickleball net you choose to buy since some of the frames are more expensive than others.

If you plan on leaving your pickleball net outside a lot, you will need to look at getting a pickleball net with a durable frame, otherwise you’ll be buying a new pickleball net every season.

What About Wind?

Another factor to consider is the wind. Do you live in a windy area? If so, you will need to choose a pickleball net with a heavy stand to keep it from being blown about while you play.

The best choices would be metal, or plastic that can be filled with sand or plastic. This will keep it stable and avoid unnecessary frustration on your part.

Will You Only be Playing Pickleball?

Some nets can be adjusted to a desired width or length. This means that you can choose a pickleball net that can be used for other sports too. You will also need to look at adjustable nets if more people will be playing.

If only adults will be playing then a standard net should do the trick, but if younger children will be playing then you should look at an adjustable pickleball net.

Do You Want to Compete?

If you want to compete, then you are probably aware of USAPA regulations. Since you will be using your pickleball net to practice your skills and footwork, it will be useful to buy a pickleball net that meets these regulations. This will help you get used to their nets.

If you use a different net, then you will be used to something completely different and might be caught off-guard when it is time to compete. And you don’t want that to happen.

Pickleball Net Reviews

We are now ready to look for your ideal portable pickleball net. To help you make the right decision, we have reviewed 5 of the best portable pickleball nets on the market.

3.0 Portable Net System Review

The 3.0 net sets up and breaks down easily, letting you turn any hard surface into a Pickleball court. Newly designed by Pickleball Inc. this net has been manufactured by the original Pickleball company.portable pickleball net

Pickleball Inc. has been at this for over ten years now, and so they have become a reliable source on the market. This net is a revision on one of their previous nets and focuses on being more lightweight.

Features: pickleball net

The net features a convenient buckle system that allows you to adjust the net with ease. This eliminates the need for Velcro and makes set up a breeze.

A wider and sturdier center foot support makes this a good net for windy conditions, since it is harder to knock down.

It also allows you to raise the net above the ground to protect it from damage and allows the Pickleballs to be rolled across the court.

The rod manages to maintain the proper height always to prevent any embarrassment.

The bright green powder-coated frame means that it is durable and will be able to hold up in any conditions, the bright color is also impossible to miss.

The tubes are hollow so the net is lightweight and easy to carry. The net also comes with a carry bag to increase portability.

All the pieces fit together so you don’t need any tools to set it up.

I fact, set up is so simple that Pickleball Inc. claims you can do it in less than 8 minutes. It is so easy; your kids will be able to do it!


  • Easy set up
  • Durable frame
  • Velcro straps for paddles and balls


  • Very light
  • Powder coating scratches off
  • Tends to rust easily

Summary: equipment first played net

The net gets good reviews from users, but it does depend on your needs. It sets up quickly, but it might not be a good idea to leave it outside for too long as some people have discovered that it rusts easily.

It is also very light, so you’ll need something to weight it down. On the bright side, it does meet standards and it does seem to have all the advertised features.

Picklenet- Pickleball Net

This net was built to be sturdy and last for years. Another net from a reputable company, this set shouldn’t let you down.pickleball net


To make the net sturdier, the oval shaped posts have been powder coated to protect them from the harsh elements.

The net is regulation height and length, so you can use it with a view to compete someday when you’re ready.

It only weighs 32 pounds, so it can be transported with ease in the accompanying heavy-duty nylon carry bag.

The top of the net features a convenient Velcro-tensioning system to remove slack.

This is incredibly useful for when you must deal with windy weather conditions. Keep in mind that it is just a portable net so it will not be able to withstand heavy winds, but does well against breezes. The net is made from black nylon with a vinyl headband.

The center support rod is made from fiberglass, and holds up quite nicely against factors such as age and weather. The net is like the USAPA net and only differs in color and branding.

The real differences between the two nets will ultimately be personal preference. It depends on which brand you prefer and the advantages that each net offers.


  • Sturdy
  • Holds up against frequent assembly and disassembly
  • Can adjust the tautness


  • Net tangles easily
  • Support bar tends to fall frequently
  • Can be difficult to separate certain pieces


This net is sturdier than most, but will not be able to stand against wind conditions. Breezes aren’t a problem, but you will not be able to play in the wind. It isn’t as easy to set up as the previous net, but is by no means difficult.

The problem is that some of the pieces are difficult to separate, so this might be a slight problem when you want to disassemble the net.

The great news is that the net meets regulations, so you can use it when you play competitively. Although it isn’t as good as a fixed net, it is a good alternative. The fact that it has a Velcro-tensioning system is a major draw.

Most users like the product, but it is wise to remember that since it is a portable net, it cannot be left outside for extended periods of time as if it were a fixed net. This will damage your net.

Onix Portable Net

Onix is a company made from true Pickleball fanatics. When they first opened their doors back in 2005, they vowed to provide the best Pickleball gear on the market.

They have done well for themselves so far, and their gear is always high-quality and well-priced.onix pickleball net net pickleball nets pickleball nets equipment

To ensure that they stay on the forefront of Pickleball innovation, they partner up with the best Pickleball players and design their products accordingly.

By partnering with the players, they can rely on the best expertise when it comes to their product design. Their newest net is an example of such innovation.


USAPA regulation-size (34″ H x 22′ W) portable pickleball net

Quick and easy assembly with inter-locking steel tubes

Sturdy construction with wide steel base and quality net materials

Perfect net tension and height with adjustable straps and center post


  • Travel bag has wheels
  • Quality construction
  • Great customer service


  • Net tears easily
  • Binding and net separate easily
  • Doesn’t come with perimeter markers


The biggest challenge that this net has is that it is still relatively new on the market so many people don’t know whether they can trust it. This seems to be a sad fact because those who have bought it have experienced good results.

There aren’t many reviews, but it seems to do everything as advertised. It is a sturdy net that has been constructed out of quality materials.

There have been some complaints about the net tearing and the net and binding separating easily. This doesn’t seem to be a common issue however, and the company always responds to these complaints.

Pickleball Central Rally Portable Net System

This company was started when a Pickleball fanatic couldn’t find any quality Pickleball gear on the internet. This started a journey that has spanned over 10 years.

pickleball net 2 net pickleball nets pickleball nets equipment
Pickleball central pickleball net

The co-founders recognized a need in the Pickleball community for quality apparel that could be easily found.

As most of us remember, it wasn’t always so easy to find the right gear to suit our needs. Now, thanks in large part to PickleballCentral, we can find what we need at the click of a button.


This net was designed with a view to make playing Pickleball a little easier. The net consists of various convenient features that make the game easier in ways that are clever, but not obvious.

For example, the net includes a free ball holder, that can hold up to 8 Pickleballs on the side of the net.

Now, you can play with your friends without having to constantly chase after stray balls, which is a nice touch for beginner players.

The sleek black frame has been powder coated to create a more durable net suited to all your needs. The nylon net also has a Velcro strap on the top to adjust the tension of the net so that it is never too loose or too taut.

The oval design of the posts also makes the frame stronger.

A raised cross bar also ensures a high clearance so that balls can easily be rolled underneath the net. The net also comes with a durable storage net that makes it easy to transport.

The net is also easy to set up and can be assembled within 5 minutes. It also meets USAPA regulations so that you can prepare for competitive games.


  • Powder coated posts
  • Can be set up in 5 minutes
  • Convenient ball holder


  • Heavier than expected
  • Doesn’t handle wind well
  • Shouldn’t be left outside for extended periods


This net is a pleasant surprise. It is hard to find anyone who has something bad to say about the net, and it is a clear favorite on the market. Along with the friendly customer service and convenient features, this net is one of the classics.

It does suffer from all the usual limitations that portable nets face, so don’t expect too much from the net. But when compared to other nets, it does quite well.

It can be a bit on the heavy side, but it does come with a portable bag that makes it easy to carry.

The assembly is incredibly easy, although the first time will take longer than 5 minutes as you get used to the system. Other than that, it seems like a good net that shouldn’t let you down.

USAPA Portable Pickleball Net System

What better way to ensure your net is approved by USAPA regulations than to buy one from the USAPA?

 mixed gender pickle-ball pickle-ball net
USAPA Portable Pickleball Net

The USAPA has been setting the standard for Pickleball players for a long time, and is partly the reason why Pickleball is gaining popularity instead of just a forgotten game that is slowly dying out.


This is an excellent net for someone who wants to start getting serious about Pickleball. The net meets all regulations, and is like the nets used in official competitions.

The only difference is the color, logos and the fact that it is a portable net.

The steel frame is made from oval-shaped steel tubes and has amazing durability and strength. The powder-coated frame protects the system from the elements so that you can continue using it for a long time.

It comes with a sleek black nylon net that was designed to meet the official USAPA regulations.

The bottom of the net has elastic to prevent sagging, and it comes with a portable carrying bag with convenient dividers which makes packing up and setting up more convenient.

It also features the patented snap together system which makes set-up a breeze.

The frame has been upgraded from previous nets and comes with an enhanced center support rod and adjustable tension straps on the net.


  • Easy to set up
  • Meets all USAPA regulations
  • Elastic at the bottom of the net prevents sagging


  • Can take a little while to set up
  • Doesn’t hold up to harsh weather


This is a wonderfully made net and is a great choice for if you want to start playing competitively. It checks all the boxes and is made by the USAPA which means that it meets all the requirements.

It is also very like the competition nets, so that means that you will get a great level of experience.

It doesn’t set up quite as quickly as the other nets, but it isn’t very difficult. All in all, it seems like a good portable net.

Wrapping Up: Portable set system portable

There are a lot of pickleball nets out there, more than we have time to review, so if you didn’t find your ideal net on this list, you can take your time and look around.

Just remember to look out for portability, durability, and the assembly time. And don’t forget that Pickleball is all about having fun!

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