Finding the Best Pickleball Bags -Buying Guide and Reviews for 2021

Note: Updated 1/07/2020

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V&A pickleball bag pickleball bag yellow pickleball bag onix pickleball bag franklin pickleball bag
V&A Pickleball Paddle Cover Bag

Pickleball Fanatic Duffel Bag

Pickleball Central Sling Bag

ONIX Pickleball Backpack

Pickleball-X Series Single Paddle Carry Bag
Dimensions:Easily fits paddles of all sizes, 5.6-ounces weight Dimensions:18-inch Length, 10.5-inch Height, 9-inch Width Dimensions:13-inch by 18-inch Dimensions:20-inch Height, 13-inch Width, 12-inch Length Dimensions:5.6-ounce weight
Material:Waterproof, cushioned insulated inline Material:Embroidered durable fabric , metal backed shoulder strap for durability Material:Felt lined mobile pocket, padded covering with two lumber pads Material: Breathable mesh panels Material:Padded fabric
Color:Black with blue shoulder strap Color: Multiple colors available Color: Multiple colors available Color:Silver/Black with orange lining Color:Black
Durability:High durable and water-resistant material Durability:Extremely durable shoulder strap Durability:Great durability with padded covering Durability:Thick padding with padded shoulder strap Durability:Thick padding and high-quality stitching provide superb durability
Usage:Suitable for gym goers who prefer dual paddles Usage:Perfect for gym goers and casual Pickleball players Usage:Great bag for occasional players Usage:Another superb bag for a single person, ideal for tournament use Usage:Suitable for any game
Capacity:It can easily fit two paddles of all sizes and few pickleballs. Capacity: You can carry mulitple paddles, all your pickleball equipment, apparel,water bottle, towels and here’s the kicker – your shoes! Capacity:It is able to fit few paddles and balls at the same time. Capacity: Carry paddles, balls, apparel, and water bottles Capacity:It is able to hold a single paddle at most.


Introduction pickleball bags

If you’re new to pickleball then you wont believe me when I say there were probably five good pickleball bags available in the market 2 years ago.

Now the market is booming with all the new designs to best meet our pickleball bags/covers needs. But along with the good one’s there are also quite a few bad designs who think a colorful handbag will pass for a pickleball bag.

Pickleball bags are just like any other racquet sport bags,they are designed to hold all your equipment conveniently at a single place.

Ideally, a pickleball bag should be large enough to hold multiple paddles, pickleball balls and it should have compartments for other necessary items like a shoes,apparels,water bottles,cell phone, keys, and wallet etc.

Apart from that pickleball bags must be lightweight with suitable dimensions for paddles and made from a material that are weather resistant.

Shoulder strap design, net hook, zippered pockets, material strength, carrying capacity and side pockets are also important considerations before choosing your bag.

Popular Types Of Pickleball Bags

Based on aforementioned considerations, bags can be broadly classified into following types:

Paddle Cover Bags

The simplest of bags, paddle cover bags are ideal for players who need an affordable option to keep paddles safe. Typically used by gym goers who do not need to carry pickle balls with them.

Usage: Works perfectly for those who only carry paddles to court. A damaged paddle or edge guard can impact your accuracy, shot power and spin. Cover bags can hold a maximum of two pickleball paddles at a time.

Pickleball Sling Bags

Definitely, the most popular, sling bags are preferred for their light weight and single strap convenient design. A sling bag can easily hold more than two paddles and multiple pickle balls at a time.

Front zippered pocket can be added to hold additional accessories.

Usage: A sling bag is suitable to hold equipment for a casual pickleball player.

Pickleball Duffel Bags

Resembling a badminton bag, duffel bags are sought by players because of extra spacious design.

More than four paddles, a dozen pickle balls, towels and a water bottle can be easily adjusted in a single compartment. With side pockets, you get even more options.

Usage: Because of its size a single duffel bag can easily hold equipment for two player team.

Pickleball Backpack

Less popular but more versatile backpacks allow for greatest space. You can easily carry your partner’s equipment as well.

Multiple pockets on the inside and outside provide storage for pen holders, car keys and literally everything.

Usage: Backpacks are suitable for professional tournament players.

Additional Important Considerations For Pickleball Bags

  • Bag must be made of highly durable material like neoprene or rip-resistant sail fabric. It should also be waterproof with an internal lining for additional protection.
  • It should easily hold edgeless and edge protected paddles along with handle if possible.
  • Large pickleball bags should have side compartments and zippered pockets that are easily accessible. A pouch for water bottle is also a must.

V&A PickleBall Paddle Cover Bag

V&A pickleball bagsNot to toot our own horn but we designed this pickleball bag with few things on mind. Combining convenience, durability, and water-resistance, V&A Pickleball bag is ideal for those who prefer to use dual paddles and are few balls.

This cover bag’s biggest advantage is its ability to snugly fit two edgeless or edged paddles regardless of their size.

Protective cushioned insulated inline ensures water-resistance. Sleek design with black color, single blue shoulder strap, and single zipper allows for easy carrying of paddles.

The protective covering is also suitable for the rainy weather, ensuring that your expensive paddles remain protected at all time.

Specifications pickleball pickleball bag bags

Dimensions: Easily fits paddles of all sizes, 5.6-ounces weight
Material: Waterproof, cushioned insulated inline
Color: Black with blue shoulder strap
Durability: High durable and water-resistant material
Usage: Suitable for gym goers who prefer dual paddles
Paddles Capacity: It can easily fit two paddles of all sizes.

Pickleball Central Pickleball Fanatic Duffel Bagpickleball bags

Spacious is the word of the day for pickleball players and this duffel bag delivers just that and much more.

It is distinctive as it contains a huge inner compartment easily able to fit multiple paddles and a dozen balls.

An outside slip pocket will help you carry a water bottle,towel,apparel wherever you go. It is suitable for all heights because of its adjustable shoulder strap.

But there are two factors that puts it on top of all other pickleball duffel bags – shoe pocket and the price!!

Specifications bags

Dimensions: 18-inch Length, 10.5-inch Height, 9-inch

compartmental pickleball bags

Material: Embroidered fabric with Game On Logo, metal backed shoulder strap for durability
Color: Lime Green, Red, Royal Blue
Durability: Extremely durable shoulder strap
Usage: Perfect for gym goers and casual Pickleball players
Paddles Capacity: This duffle bag is able to fit 2 to 4 paddles.

Pickleball Central Game on Sling Pickleball Bag

pickleball bagsWho doesnt love a little pickleball humor ?! Apart from the durability and ability to carry few balls and paddles with additional storage for wallet, key chains, cell phone, 20-oz water bottle, towels and shoes;

This sling bag from Pickleball Central is a one-stop solution for your equipment. With a shoulder strap and a fence hook, moving the bag around is really easy.

Felt lined mobile pocket and protective padding all around the bag ensures paddle and electronics safety.


Dimensions: 13-inch by 18-inch
Material: Felt lined mobile pocket, padded covering with two lumber pads
Color: Yellow with black zip lines
Durability: Great durability with padded covering
Usage: Great bag for avid players
Paddles Capacity: multiple balls and paddles.

ONIX Pickleball Backpack

pickleball bagsOnix is leading sports equipment company and their pickleball bags live up to their name.

With multiple internal pockets, cell phone pocket, and external side pouch, this bag can easily hold two paddles, pickle balls, towels,water bottles, snacks, and other equipment.

Thick padding will protect internal contents from damage.


Dimensions: 20-inch Height, 13-inch Width, 12-inch length
Material: Mesh/canvas
Color: Black/silver with range lining
Durability: Thick padding with padded shoulder strap
Usage: Another superb bag for a single person, ideal for tournament use
Paddles Capacity: Carry paddles, balls, apparel, and water bottles

Pickleball-X Series Single Paddle Carry Bag Pickleball bag

pickleball bagsFrom Franklin Sports, this pickleball bag can hold a single paddle.

Lightweight casing, high-quality stitching, stylish black look and a net hook makes this cover bag truly stand out. Coming at an affordable price, the fabric is heavily padded to protect your paddle.

And if you’re wondering why we recommend our competitors product? well its the only pickleball  bag that comes in pink that isnt a duffel or carry bag – and my wife loves it! ouch I know…


Dimensions: 5.6-ounce weight
Material: Padded fabric
Color: Black
Durability: Thick padding and high-quality stitching provide superb durability
Usage: Suitable for any game
Paddles Capacity: It is able to hold a single paddle at most.

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